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1. 囊群盖一种包裹其它物的膜,如蕨类植物的孢囊群的覆盖膜

An enclosing membrane, as that covering the sorus of a fern.

2. 囊群盖一种包裹其它物的膜,如蕨类植物的孢囊群的覆盖膜

A closed, spherical ascocarp. An enclosing membrane, as that covering the sorus of a fern.

3. 覆盖膜在线翻译

3. 整个索膜覆盖的结构中盖膜,从世博轴的入口及中部沿纵向设置了6个巨型圆锥状阳光谷。

In the coverage of the whole membrane structure set up 6 giantism cones shape Sunshine Valley from the entrance to the central section of Expo axis longitudinally.

4. 其中治疗组彻底清创后使用无菌生物半透膜覆盖创面,使用间歇负压泵调节负压(80-100mmHg ),治疗时间(治疗5分钟,间歇2-3分钟),持续时间依创面情况而定,3-7天换药一次。

In the treatment group, we cover the wound with the sterile transparent adhesive membrane after the thoroughly epluchage, then we regulate the negative pressure (80-100mmHg), the treating time (working 5 minutes, rest 2 minutes), the continuous time is according to the condition of the wound, change dressing every 3-7 days.

5. 蒸汽和冷凝液泄漏源的查找方法是:目测法和荧光染色渗透剂法,或者是(通过具体现象进行判断:)空气进入外层缸体,而附近的内表层却被一层肥皂膜所覆盖。

Possible sources of steam and condensate infusion may be found through visual examination, fluorescent dye penetrants, or air forced into the outside surface while adiacent internal surface are coated with a soap film.

6. ESCA表面分析表明三种丝素蛋白在改性聚乳膜表面的覆盖率分别为74%,65%和78%。

ESCA analysis indicates that the coverage of three samples on the modified films is ca. 74%, 65% and 78%, respectively.

7. 宽阔的前仪表的大,面向前方格栅启用,底部和侧面的轮开放扩展拆分为空气下压力的一个寒冷的空气罩前面铲盖膜,整合为一个航空发动机进气道系统的尾部前轮的边缘radiused开放,实现改善阻力,但保护的强硬成型身体结束,和一个大型空气提取的背后是车轮固定屋顶bodystyle优化车身刚性和群众更广泛的耀斑位于后翼子板覆盖大规模的后方轮胎和刹车冷却的车轮前面铲视觉平衡挡泥板提取一个高大的后扰流器房子的后方筋膜十名高位刹车灯,以车轮(18英寸,前,19英寸,后)四较大的不锈钢排气口新设计的雪佛兰克尔维特Z06的碳纤维前挡泥板徽章

A wide front fascia with a large, forward-facing grille opening, a splitter along the bottom and wheel opening extensions along the sides to provide aerodynamic downforce A cold air scoop in front of the hood that integrates an air inlet system for the engine The trailing edge of the front wheel opening is radiused to achieve improved drag, but protects the body finish with a tough molding, and a large air extractor is located behind the wheel A fixed-roof bodystyle optimizes body rigidity and mass Wider rear fenders with flares cover the massive rear tires and a brake cooling scoop in front of the wheels visually balances the fender extractor A tall rear spoiler houses the CHMSL on the top of the rear fascia 10-spoke wheels (18-inch, front; 19-inch, rear) Four larger stainless steel exhaust outlets New-design Chevrolet Corvette Z06 badging on the carbon fiber front fenders

8. 也用作防伪包装上的覆盖膜的案件。

Also used as the anti-counterfeit covering film on the packaging cases.

9. 本文对纳米TiO_2/粘土复合光催化剂的酸性溶胶合成、表征及其光催化活性进行了一系列的研究。X射线衍射测试表明,多次涂覆TiO_2高岭土表面形成了TiO_2膜,但是其晶形不好,近似于无定形TiO_2;红外光谱分析发现,Si—O—Si发生了偏移,但是没有Si—O—Ti形成;进一步的高分辨率透射电镜分析研究发现,在涂覆一次的复合材料中的大部分高岭石表面未被TiO_2覆盖,只有少部分高岭石的表面被TiO_2纳米颗粒覆盖。

Nano titanium dioxide suspension in the liquid when treating waste water can not be recovered easily, leading to secondary pollution. TiO2/clay nanocomposite is characted as cellularity and superficial, and can be exploited repeatedly and economically when it takes the form of the bulky grain. In this paper, was carried out research on the preparation nanocomposite by the acid-catalyzed sol method of TiO2, and something about the photocatalysis of TiO2. X-ray diffraction tells us that on the surface of kaolin film has formed but its crystal form is not good. Through infra-red spectum, we know that the band of Si - O- Si has shifted but we do not find Si - O - Ti band.

10. 所有病例于手术显微镜下彻底清创溃疡灶及坏死的角膜组织,取瑞济生物(8mm×10mm 羊膜)基地膜面贴敷于溃疡面,再取(10mm×15mm)较大的生物羊膜覆盖其上。

Ruiji biological (8mm×10mm amniotic membrane) base membrane surface patching was taken on the ulcer surface, and (10mm×15mm) larger biological amniotic membrane was taken to cover it.

11. 在此过程中,一变化着厚度的膜覆盖在金属表面上。

During the process, a film of varying thickness covers the surface of the metal.

12. 给出了硅烷膜覆盖电极的阻抗模型及相关参数的拟合结果。

The impedance models of DTMS covered Al alloys in corrosive solutions were also proposed in the present work.

13. 覆盖膜

13. 护膜许多非脊椎动物的非细胞的、硬化或膜状的保护性覆盖层,如覆盖节肢动物的透明膜状物

The noncellular, hardened or membranous protective covering of many invertebrates, such as the transparent membrane that covers annelids.

14. 911查询·英语单词

14. 本发明揭示了一种标签产生装置(1),该标签产生装置(1)产生待粘贴到目标物体的带有印记的标签,包括:馈送辊(27),该馈送辊馈送覆盖膜(103)或待粘结至该覆盖膜的基带(101);打印头(23),该打印头在覆盖膜(103)上实施打印;输入/输出接口(113),该输入/输出接口通过有线和无线通信从外部来源输入第一和第二命令信号,第一和第二命令信号用于提供涉及包括馈送辊(27)和打印头(23)的标签产生装置(1)的多个用于工作的装置中的至少一个的操作的指令;以及用于获取信息的环形天线(LC2),其中,基于输入的第一或第二命令信号来控制用于工作的装置中的至少一个,从而确保实施相应的操作。

A label producing apparatus (1) that produces a label with print to be affixed to a target object comprises a feeding roller (27) that feeds a cover film (103) or a base tape (101) to be bonded thereto, a print-head (23) that performs printing on the cover film (103), an input/output interface (113) that inputs a first and a second command signal for providing instructions regarding operation to at least one of a plurality of devices for working of the tag label producing apparatus (1), including the feeding roller (27) and the print-head (23), from an external source via wired and wireless communication, and a loop antenna (LC2) for information acquisition, wherein at least the one device for working is controlled based on the inputted first or second command signal so as to ensure that the corresponding operation is performed.

15. 911查询·英语单词

15. 共用上部电极上由形成的第二绝缘性氢气阻挡膜所覆盖。

A second insulating hydrogen barrier film is formed so as to cover the common upper electrode.

16. 2本论文采用扫描电镜对草酸溶液中形成的铝阳极氧化膜进行了形貌观察,发现铝阳极氧化膜的表面有一层致密的覆盖层,在此覆盖层下面有许多排列有序的膜胞。

They are the tunnel effect control, the ionic migration control and the formation of porous layer.

17. 覆盖膜是什么意思

17. 小拱棚覆盖对绿芦笋的一级笋率无显著影响,而双膜覆盖和地膜覆盖的弯笋率比对照增加,一级笋率比对照降低。

The percent of the first grade asparagus sprout in planstie tunnel had no difference with control.


18. 在原料钢表面形成一种h-BN的覆盖膜

A coating film of h-BN is formed on the surface of the raw steel.

19. 结果表明,6种芦荟叶均由表皮、光合组织、储水组织和维管束组成,都表现出明显的旱生植物肉质叶的结构特征,表皮由一层扁平的细胞组成,其外壁加厚,并覆盖着厚的角质膜,气孔器凹陷,储水组织发达。

Results showed that all leaves consisted of epidermis, chlorenchyma, aquiferous tissue and vascular bundles. The leaves had the xeromorphic characteristics, including thickened epidermal cell wall, thickened cuticle, sunken stomata and well_developed aquiferous tissue. With the exception of this, there were remarkable differences in leaf structure among the six species.

20. 覆盖膜的近义词

20. 对附着在陶瓷基座上的金电极进行了覆盖绝缘膜的研究,重点研究了溶胶-凝胶法的工艺和机理。

In order to obtain a high insulting film on the electrode of the base plate, the process and mechanism of sol -gel was emphasized.